Sunday, February 6, 2011

RAK winner and our challenge

Wow, ladies, thanks for the great response! I'm excited to see so many of you here and I'm hoping that you will enjoy your stay and continue to share the word. For now...I'm pleased to announce the winner of the random drawing for my RAK....drum roll please...

(I cannot figure out how to insert the web page showing my drawing so I hope you will all trust me.)

.....#8! SUE, please send me your mailing info using the link on the right so I can get you your goodie!

Since the month is still young, let's go ahead and get started with our first challenge, shall we?

One thing I've noticed about myself is that I tend to buy pretty things because I love them even if I don't have a particular layout in mind for them. Nothing wrong with that, we all do it, right? However....the problem comes when I find those very same pretty things sitting in my stash months later. So tonight I decided to switch things up a little. As I was preparing to scrap, and instead of starting with my pictures I chose some papers I've been hanging on to and then went back and searched for some pictures to complement them. I created a layout I'm very happy with and got the bonus of finally using some of the pretties I've been hoarding! I've set aside several more kits to work on in the coming days and will be sharing my results here. (If it wasn't so late I'd share now but that Super Bowl ends late for us eastern time zone folks!)

Which brings us to my challenge for you. This month I'd like you to find some paper or embellishment that you just HAD to have but have never used. Use this as the basis for a layout...find the pictures to go with them after you have chosen them (go ahead and peruse your old photo albums) or even leave them without photos for now until the right ones turn up. Maybe this is a great reason to create a photo op? Email me your layout using the link on the right by Feb. 27th with the subject line "blog challenge share" and I will share them here to inspire us all. Feel free to add a little info about how it worked out for you or anything else that seems relevant.

As for me, I'll be busy searching out some goodies for a random winner.

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  1. Ohhh wow I won !!!! Thank you so much Marci !!! Now I have to pick some lovelys and use them when I