Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm still here and expecting to be fully back before too much longer! I've made it through the beautiful wedding and will be ordering pictures hopefully today...and if that doesn't force me to find time to scrap, nothing will!

In the meantime, I just want to put in a plug for PRE-PLANNING your pages. A couple weeks ago I took a day off and went to a crop. I took time the day before to pre-plan my pages. By that I mean I gathered a set of pictures I wanted to work with, selected a cardstock and some patterned papers I liked with it, and then some embellishments that I thought might work well. Then I tossed it all into a large ziploc bag. I did this for quite a few pages. When it was time to go to the crop I simply loaded these up as well as my "basics" and some additional embellishments that are easily portable (for example, all my ribbon is stored in one shoebox.) I added a couple of my newest things because that is always motivating, and with the addition of the vendor available at the crop (just in case) I had everything I needed to actually complete my pages with much less packing required. I've heard that this is a more efficient way of scrapping because the planning part uses a different part of your brain than the creating part. I'd have to agree because I completed 20 pages in 16 hours! Even when you add in the hours I spent on preplanning that is a pretty good pace for me!

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